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We all deserve a little sunshine


Authentic Inclusion

Having just returned from a round trip that took in the Bologna Children’s Book Fair and the London Book Fair, I thought it was about time I posted details of the books and themes that caught my eye.  At both fairs,  I was lucky enough to attend a series of panels about diversity in children’s books and the importance of publishing books that mirror a child’s own experience while also providing windows into lives that they would have no other access to. I wrote a report about it here for Words Without Borders.
I’m happy to say I came away from Bologna with a bit of a spring in my step, partly because of the musical note to many of the panels featuring Bruno Tognolini, Italian poet, children’s writer, television star, not to mention finalist in this year’s Strega Ragazzi Award, and partly because of the line he bewitchingly recited,  “Tu sei tutti e tu sei tu,” – “you are everyone and you are you” – which echoed the general vibe at the fair:

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